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4 benefits of becoming a U.S. citizen

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2023 | Citizenship Issues

Pursuing citizenship in the U.S. is not always an easy process – there are different steps you may need to take first. These include:

  • Staying in America for over five years as a legal permanent resident
  • Submitting your application
  • Passing various English and civics exams
  • Collecting proof of good moral character
  • Attending interviews

These steps can seem unnecessary. However, going through these procedures can lead to significant benefits once you become an American citizen.

What benefits come with citizenship?

Once you get sworn in, you can take advantage of four privileges:

  • You no longer have the risk of deportation.
  • You can serve as a sponsor for your qualified family members.
  • You can get an American passport, allowing you to travel to most countries around the globe without a visa.
  • You gain the right to participate in politics as a voter or run as a candidate.

Also, you are finally free of other visa-related tasks, such as renewing your green card.

With great benefits, come great responsibilities

As a full-fledged American, you will need to take on four responsibilities:

  • Filing your income taxes
  • Serving jury duty if summoned
  • Going into military service if called
  • Possibly renouncing your citizenship at your home country

You may feel intimidated, but these are standard for all Americans.

Is citizenship worth the trouble?

The short answer is yes, but it really depends on your goals. Whether you want achieve U.S. citizenship for personal or professional reasons, you should not rush the process. Finishing all the steps might feel repetitive and take a long time, but you will reap rewards later if you do not give up.