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Migrating to the land of the free

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2023 | Professional Visas

The United States is the land of opportunity and freedom. Foreign nationals from around the world travel to the country to find employment. Immigration has allowed people to better their lives, so much so they eventually call the U.S. home.

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will need to approve your petition before they can grant you a permanent visa. The process can be long and intimidating because immigration laws have their caveats. It is a huge decision, but it could be the one for you.

What is stopping you from applying for a permanent visa?

Filing for a permanent visa has its complications, especially for someone still learning the rules and regulations of another country.

Below are situations where you may encounter problems or confusion:

  • You need clarification on whether you should file for a green card or visa.
  • If you are looking or a visa, which visa category do you fall under?
  • You may need someone to sponsor your immigration visa.
  • You are afraid you will be inadmissible.
  • If you are inadmissible in anyway, is there something you can do about it?
  • You plan to work in the U.S. but still have no employer.

The categories for permanent worker visas typically require someone to sponsor you. They will be the one filing an immigration petition on your behalf. Your employer can function as your sponsor and make the application process that much easier.

Consider getting a job before applying

Without family already here or a job waiting for you, the best you could hope for is to stay briefly or temporarily. The U.S. has available resources that can help you determine how to go about your immigration process. Do not let a little uncertainty stop you from reaching your full potential.