DACA Renewals & Work Permits  

We assist clients in applying for permission to travel (Advance Parole), DACA Renewals, and permission to work.
Bond Hearings
We help detained immigrants obtain an immigration bond during removal or deportation proceedings at detention facilities throughout the South Texas area.
Citizenship & Naturalization
If you are a current U.S. green card holder, you can apply to become a United States citizen if you meet eligibility requirements including, 
residency, knowledge of the English language, and good moral character.
 Business Immigration 

We guide you through the process of applying for lawful permanent resident status or temporary worker status based on an immigrant’s employment. The type of immigration application an employer will be required to file will depend on the needs of the business or the individual’s employment situation.
Happy family
 Family Immigration
We work with families who want to adjust their immigration status based on their family relationship. U.S. Immigration allows for the immediate relatives and other specified family members to apply for legal immigrant status in the United States. Attorney  Pena helps applicants determine their eligibility to petition for the appropriate immigration status.

When your case is denied, it may not be the end. Most denials allow for appeals of an erroneous decision. These are time sensitive; therefore, you must move fast to file them.