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When Do I Get My Green Card?

Congratulations on becoming a permanent resident in America! This new chapter in your life can be very exciting. Initially, you will receive a decision and welcome notice followed by your permanent residence or green card.

I Don’t Have My Green Card Yet

If you need help tracking it down, you can contact the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Also, reach out to them if:

  • You recently changed your address, and you need to update it immediately.

  • Details in your welcome notice or other documents have errors.

  • 30 days have passed after becoming a permanent resident without receiving it.

  • You need clarification about your new resident status.

You may experience setbacks with receiving your green card, leaving you in a tight spot if it is an employment requirement. In the meantime, you can use your status document or special passport stamp to apply for the following:

  • Social security card (unrestricted)

  • Driver’s license

  • Overseas travel for a maximum of one year

An unrestricted social security ID and supporting identification, such as a driver’s license, can prove your employment eligibility if you don’t have your green card yet.

For Other Concerns

Issues with the process can be inevitable. You may find incorrect information in your documents or fail to receive the proper notices. In these situations, you must call the USCIS contact center immediately. You should address these problems to avoid further delays.

In addition, you might have to file more forms to get your original supporting paperwork back or make application changes. Even if you need to work on more documents, accomplishing all these procedures eventually brings you closer to your goal of citizenship or maintaining residence.

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